Please visit the TIMELINE & COST, DELIVERY, or ENTER pages and choose your continent to see the rules for Intercontinental Challenge.

Please visit the TIMELINE & COST page and choose the continent you are entering from to see all relevant dates.

Please visit the TIMELINE & COST page and choose your continent to see the cost of entry and award stickers if awarded.

Please visit the DELIVERY page and choose your continent to see where and when samples should be delivered.

If awarded, you will receive an electronic certificate by email. In addition, you can request a certificate if an identical product is sold under a different brand name at no extra cost.

Results will be emailed to entrants in the southern hemisphere on or before 26 September 2024, and the northern hemisphere on or before 23 May 2024 to notify them. The entrants can utilise the award stickers and event award artwork to maximise exposure on various social media fronts and for their existing client base but must display them together with the name(s) of the product and vintage where applicable, which earned this accolade. Award stickers will focus attention on award-winning products, leading to higher visibility and a boost in sales.

We will endeavour to have the award stickers ready approximately three weeks after announcing the results. Stickers need to be paid for before collection or couriered unless arranged with the organisers.

You’re not obligated to order stickers; if you do not want any, indicate the number on the entry form as 0 (zero). However, after announcing the results, you must take the number of stickers you indicate. Award stickers will be available approximately three weeks after the announcement of the results.

Any remaining samples at the end of the judging process become the property of the Intercontinental Challenge.

A reputable firm will audit the tasting procedure to ensure the judges are not influenced and the tasting is done blind and conforms to international standards.

The Intercontinental Challenge will confer silver, gold, and double gold awards to signify quality. In addition, the best product in its respective category will receive a trophy award.

A sample must comprise only two 750ml bottles or the volumetric equivalent thereof.

Only industry experts are used to assessing products. Follow the Intercontinental Challenge on Facebook or Instagram to see the announcement of the panellists.

Meticulous judging by professionals in a double-blind tasting ensures the best of the best gets awarded. Panellists taste each wine individually, and then each product is discussed in the panel. Jury members use a 100-point scoring system.